Dave Nourie is a professional BMX Flatlander from Ashland Oregon.

Dave’s is one of the original riders from the 80’s with over three and a half decades of traveling the world sharing his passion and love for BMX and Flatland.

Dave, also know as “Gumbee”, brings his originality, showmanship and enthusiasm to every contest, jam, show, class and performance he attends. He is a true master and the creator of many old school flatland tricks such as; the NourieStand, Miami-Hopper Spin, Gumbee, Yogi-Go-Around, Pterodactyl, and Organ-Grinder to name just a few.

To this day, Dave continues to foster and create new tricks to share with the world. It’s no surprise Dave won the People’s Champion title of Master of Creativity in 2019. Dave has carved out a spot in the Flatland world as a BMX Legend, and he continues to ride, teach and share BMX with the world. With the help of his sponsors; Hoffman Bikes, Deco, Haro, Reklamation Bikes, IGI BMX, Vans, and Flatland Fuel.

Dave is living out his mission to grow BMX and share his life lessons through bike lessons by working diligently in his community and abroad offering, classes, after-school programs and creating Gumbeeland, a Pop-up Bike Park, “where riders go from curious to confident.”


Dave Nourie of Gumbeeland is not only a renowned BMX flatlander but an incredible teacher. He is patient and kind with a caring heart. He speaks to my son as an equal, inspiring him to be his best. Dave’s passion for BMX, love for his community, and background in Waldorf education make him a stellar role model and BMX instructor for any child. When I send my son to Gumbeeland, I know he is safe, engaged, and having a blast! I highly recommend Gumbeeland to any parent who is looking for a fun, positive activity for their child.

Meme Mae Curtis

Dave has been an instrumental part of my boys’ life for the last 5 years. He is their teacher, mentor and BMX coach. The thing that I love about having my boys in BMX with Dave is that he doesn’t just teach them tricks he also folds in life lessons and nurtures the importance of community for the children. I am so grateful for Dave and the love and support he has given our family. We will definitely be continuing BMX for years to come.


The Gumbeeland program that Dave Nourie offers to our boys is so valuable.  My 2 sons, ages 7 and 9 have been taking the bike skills classes for more than a year now both at the YMCA and at the various locations around Ashland.  They love it and it is so fun to watch the skill development that in a very short time both of them acquired from surfing the bike to taking big jumps.  More than the bike skills, I have watched their confidence boost from being able to learn something new and challenge themselves to get better. I have also been impressed with the way that Dave supports their Social-Emotional development through this program.  When there is conflict with another rider or frustration at not being able to master a certain trick, it is talked about appropriately either individually or in the group to positively work through it and problem solve.  There is a lot of gear that gets hauled back and forth, so my boys are expected to help with the set-up, loading and unloading of equipment, teaching them responsibility and that we always help each other.  My boys look forward to this class and we sign up every chance we get.  Thanks for this awesome program Dave!

Amy M. Herst, Medford School District

Dave Nourie is a bicycle wizard!  My son loves his encouragement, unique approach to bike tricks, and circus flare. My son feels like a rock star on a bike in his class… you wouldn’t believe the things he can do! It’s one of the best extracurricular activities my son does.

Ellie Leonhardt

First it was just a very fun and engaging activity, I had no idea that Dave Nourie had a way to offer my 11-year-old a ticket into self-confidence,  inner peace and trust, incredible ability to focus. From the first session with Dave, my boys started to transform into a solid and happy little man. We are deeply grateful to find a Teacher with a capital T, that not only inspires my boy at times of great uncertainty but also teaches him the most valuable life skills, awareness, kindness, and care. I recommend Dave’s project to children of any age not only as a physical activity but also as a medicine that is presented as great fun.

Anya Tyutyunik, L.Ac., NCCAOM Diplomate

Dave’s Gumbeeland bike camp has been an amazingly fun experience for our son! He has made new friends while learning bike tricks aptly taught and demonstrated by none other than Dave Nourie. 

Our son loves bike camp! He gets a great work out while enjoying time with other kids. Dave is patient and kind, nurturing an environment that inspires kids to grow and excel.

James D.

Gumbeeland is the hidden gem of Ashland, Oregon! My son had raced BMX since he was three years old, so when we moved to Ashland, I wasn’t sure whether he would be able to continue. I enrolled him into one of Dave Nourie’s clinics, knowing nothing about flatland. When I first met Dave, I knew I had stumbled onto something special. It was immediately clear that he was very talented. I had previously enrolled Michael in many clinics to work on his racing skills, but the creativity and talent I saw from Dave were amazing. Later we googled his name and were embarrassed we did not know of him! Dave Nourie is a legend of flatland. He was a founding member of the sport, which while taking great strength, could easily be defined as an art. Dave’s strength is his creativity, the team’s name is derived from a famous flatland trick he invented “the Gumbee”.

As a single mom, I have found it difficult to find male role models for my son. Dave took him under his wing, which greatly boosted his self-esteem. When he repeatedly flattened his tire, which was a stress on my budget, Dave offered to sponsor him and bought him a toolset. Then set up a clinic to teach the kids how to work on their bikes. He not only teaches the sport, but he fosters their independence.  When my son did not have a bike, he provided his Haro for him to use. He provides flatland bikes for all kids, ensuring all kids a chance to participate in the sport, not just those able afford the gear. His goal is to share his passion of the sport with children and the community, being an involved positive influence in the development of both. When a sandwich came up missing at practice, he used his creativity to teach responsibility in a way that was not shaming but as a loving mentor. Racing was highly competitive; I believe flatland fosters a healthy competition not against other riders but to harness each of the children’s personal skills. Dave encourages creativity, and the kid’s often come up with names of the tricks they create, much like Dave did with “the Gumbee”. We are so blessed to have found Dave and Gumbeeland! 

Heather Lawson